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The current situation of vaping in Europe and in the US

Is vaping useful? Definitely. But how does it affect people, smokers and non-smokers? Let’s take an in-depth look at the current vaping situation and be factual about what’s happening in the West when it comes to both vaping and smoking.

Vaping is becoming trendy: With the current smaller and more elegant AVPs vaping does have the chance to become trendy: While vaping pens started up as large and heavy devices, today a regular vaping pen in the West is small, elegant and it looks pretty cool. I, for one would have absolutely no issues if vaping would replace smoking as something that’s trendy. However it has its downsides: youngsters love to try trendy things. And there are several anti-smoking groups who are actively and loudly campaigning against the use of vaping pens, stating that these machines give kids more chance to start smoking through vaping. While this is only a misconception, the similarities between usages of the two different products is misleading for many.

Vaping pens were invented to treat smoking addiction: As such they shouldn’t really become trendy in any way. However, there are several vaping pen producers who do not only sell decorated or colourful vaping pens they also offer them in dozens of different colours.

And this is a good thing: if vaping is more popular then smoking then smoking would surely go extinct within a few years’ time.

While governments are strictly anti-smoking, let’s face the fact that the governmental agencies regulating alcohol and tobacco products have a sky-high revenue from said products on a daily basis. They are not likely to want to lose out on this. That might also be the reason behind them letting all the anti-smoking lobbyists speak against vaping too. Today vaping is not encouraged actively, although it really should be. It counts as a slightly harmful hobby that looks like smoking. This wrong approach is the one that gives vaping a bad name.

In the US people rather vape then smoke despite the fact that vaping got a really bad reputation, thanks to the above mentioned lobbyist groups. Quitting smoking is becoming easier thanks to vaping pens and this is a big win for thousands of people.

Vaping is getting more regulated: now that it is officially under the control of US Food and Drug Administration, all the vaping stores and e-liquid producers are under harsh regulations. These regulations also stand for all the imported e-cigarettes coming from abroad.

Extremist anti-smoking groups still urge the governments to ban vaping. But this would lead to a very tricky situation. Despite vaping having the potential to save the lives of thousands of smokers, this bad reputation and the continued talk about vaping misconceptions still has the potential to give vaping a bad reputation.

As you can see, despite all the positive news, vaping is getting the same regulations as smoking does, which is definitely bad, because the tool should rather be treated as a medication instead of being treated as an addictive itself. Let’s hope that this situation will change soon. Until then, if you are a smoker consider switching to this much healthier alternative.

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