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How to quit smoking with e-cigs: your guide to vaping

Although vaping is a pretty old habit with deep roots in Asia and the Middle East, modern vaping and using e cigarettes has been in trend just in the recent few years. Indeed the risk of cancer is growing especially in the higher polluted areas and smoking is still among the main reasons of people getting lung cancer. It’s therefore no wonder people look for healthier alternatives. Luckily our technical development is now high enough for creating way more advanced e cigarettes than before.

Let’s see what makes e-cigarettes a good alternative to cigarettes

Ease of use: modern e-cigarettes are very easy to store and use, they are also getting cheaper than they used to before. Easy to recharge: e-cigs are very easy to charge and re-charge. Although they are not as lasting as vaping kits, in fact some are only for a single use, they are worth a try.

Dispensable: there are lots of dispensable e-cigarettes. As for more advice on where and how to drop them before you do. They look and feel like cigarettes way more than they used to a few years back: modern e-cigarettes are very identical to proper cigarettes and this can also make them a handy choice for those wanting to switch from smoking to vaping.

Vaping, either by using AVPs or e-cigarettes can be a good way to quit smoking. The reason for that is that smoking is partly a habitual addition partly a social addiction (meaning if a big circle of people smokes you are more likely to smoke and socialize with them in the same time).

Are e-cigarettes the same as AVPs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers)?

There is a misunderstanding that’s very common especially among people who don’t yet vape and they don’t really know themselves around vaping culture. But the fact of the matter is, that vaping doesn’t equal the use of e-cigarettes. While e-cigarettes are easy to dispense and they are way less lasting as a vaping pen, as the proper AVPs are devices with several setting options with respect to smoke, nicotine and flavour levels, which e-cigs simply don’t have. E-cigarettes are mainly sold at petrol stations and smaller super markets, while vaping is becoming a small and ever growing community full of discussions about the machines, the flavours and the hacks experienced vapers try on their devices. This is how you can get to see, that vaping and using e-cigarettes is kind of as far as vaping and smoking. While the core habit is the same, all the rest are different.

Before buying e-cigarettes make sure you choose a trusted brand, check out the description of ingredients and the overall usage time for the particular product before buying it. As a couple of years back, there were some problems with e-cigarettes imported from China, you can never be too careful and watch out for what you buy.

Check out vaping and e-cigarette sites in order to learn more about the vaping culture, e-cigarettes and AVPs in general. E-cigarettes can in fact help you forget about proper smoking and switch to this much healthier alternative.

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