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About advanced vaping: introducing you to the world of AVPS and Mods

Vaping, despite becoming popular and even trendy these past years, it’s still a relatively new habit and as such it’s surrounded by several myths, misconceptions and gossips which are mostly untrue. With this article we would like to introduce you to the world of advanced vaping and to all the different vaping devices which are currently available on the market.


Advanced Personal Vaporizers are often commonly referred to as Mods all-in-all, while in real we talk about two slightly different devices. While mods are all about customization, AVPs are those mass produced “mods” which you can readily buy online. There is a great confusion about what is what for this very reason but my take on this is, that AVP comes with way higher performance, better battery and lots of settings which starter kits and normal vaping pens don’t have. However, unlike a mod they are already done, they do not require any further enhancement to be used. The only thing you need to use this advanced vaping device is a good knowledge on how to dissemble and reassemble it and how to clean its key parts.


Mods are customized open system vaporizing devices which are for the professional vapers, those who really want to handle all aspects of vaping, from the quantity of vapour to the exact setting of other levels. This is exactly why these devices are more often than not modified on many levels. While unfortunately the word is also used for AVBs. In real Mod is the shortened version for modification. According to this theory, all mods should be totally unique, further hacked by their owner and they weren’t for selling. There’s a whole bunch of Modders who continuously work on finding the “perfect” hit (meaning the best flavour-performance combo). Although there is no rule that says no one can have a Mod unless they really learn how to handle it, it’s better to start with a normal AVP even for the advanced users, unless they are electronic geeks and want to experiment on their devices.


This is a method which needs a transformed vaper, in order for its atomizer to be able to take direct drops which they can vaporize there and then, adding up to a direct vaping experience. The method was of course named after the name of the act itself (dripping one drop onto the atomizer to have it atomized and vaporized). This however has the price: one cannot use this sort of method or device outside (without risking to be confused for a drug addict).

We hope this small guide can help you understand more about advanced vaping and its subtypes. As for the message, don’t get discouraged by the geeky vaping communities and start thinking that vaping from now on has to become something complicated. It’s the same act. Then the question of how to tune everything to your preferences are totally up to you. The most important aspect of vaping stays: it helps smokers quit smoking.

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