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All about the anatomy of a vaping pen

We got to learn a lot about vaping and how it exactly works so now let’s see how does a vaping kit work and what core parts they have which make them work all in all. We would also like to call your attention to the fact that while vaporizers and e-cigarettes are much alike they aren’t identical in every way. For instance you cannot fill and normally you cannot even recharge e-cigarettes, especially if they are the dispensable types.

Battery: a good rechargeable battery is the core of a good vaping pen. While most APVs can go on for days, with normal use, it’s good to carry the charger with you. Most chargers are USB chargers which makes them easy to use. Tube: this is where the rest of the elements are stored and which connects with the battery. This is the main body of most AVPs. This is where the smoke-like vapour travels when inhaled and exhaled.

E-liquid cartridge: this is the section which is generally located around the top area of the vaping pen and it’s where users can fill the device with e-liquid.

Atomizer: the core of a vaporizer, this little device is the one that actually turns e-liquid into vapour to inhale and to exhale. That’s why its importance is very high. When users start to inhale the e-liquid, it would first go through the atomizer, which would break it down totally and turn its liquid content into inhale-able vapour. Atomizers must be changed at least yearly but even sooner when they are used with higher frequency. When you buy your first vaping pen, it’s smart to buy it with an extra atomizer right away, this way you don’t need to worry about it for a longer period of time.

Cartomizer: this is the part of the machine which holds the cartridge and the atomizer together.

While most vaping kits look roughly like an extra-sized pen, the more complicated devices have a larger part which is heavier and larger. These are the complicated devices where users can work all the levels to set their optimal level of usage, no matter it’s about the exact amount of smoke or the levels of nicotine used. These kits roughly look like as if you connect a pen to a tin whiskey holder.

If you are a new user, we would definitely suggest you to stick with a less complicated pen-like device which is easy to use, very easy to fill and experiment with. E-liquids are not based on devices, you can use them for any vaporizer you want to, therefore it doesn’t matter what exact machine you have when it comes to getting new flavours. After a while if you are deeper and feel committed to vaping you can switch to a more expensive and more progressive device which would be a way higher performance one, which also comes for a higher price. If you are afraid to commit, then we suggest you to first start with the dispensable e-cigarettes, to feel how vaping generally differs from smoking.

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