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Switching addictions: from smoking to vaping

Why it’s a good idea to quit smoking

In this article we would like to first enlist some of the key reasons why you should consider switching to vaping from smoking and on all the bad things smoking can do with you and your environment. Hope you will like it, learn from it and consider vaping as the next best option instead.

The dangers of cancer: lung cancer is still pretty much deadly and it’s very hard and demanding task to heal it still with the current highly developed cancer investigations and medicine tests. And what you used to do as a prank or a joke, can easily turn into a habit, which eventually becomes an addiction sometimes without you even realizing it.

It’s very expensive: thanks to all the anti-smoking laws all across the world, smoking is slowly but surely turning into becoming a very expensive habit, If you count the number of packs you smoke in a month, you will see how much money you spend exactly on cigarettes. While vaping kits are not cheap either, they are way cheaper, especially on the long haul, even when it comes to buying e-liquids, which often come with discounts..

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Social acceptance: in Western Europe and in the United States it’s simply not cool not trendy to smoke. People don’t do it and those who do are often either considered outlaws or they never smoke in public, trying to hide their habit from others. Yet in fact community rules can easily force you to quit smoking and look for a better alternative.

Smoking stinks: if you smoke you will stink of smoke and nicotine. And if you smoke inside, then things get even much worse. Soon your walls, curtains, fabrics and furniture will take in this smoke and will smell disgusting the same as the smell of finished cigarettes in an ashtray. Smoking is bad for the teeth and for the skin: those who smoke have way more wrinkles with age then those who don’t and it’s also a commonly known fact that smoke with nicotine has a very bad effect on your teeth and your gums in the same time.

Cigarette smoke is way more harmful than one would think: it can even make your pets get cancer especially when you smoke inside your home.

Smoking keeps you away from more and more places: smoking inside bars, discos, restaurants and any other places is pretty much banned in most European countries. Therefore if you want to go for a night out, you need to prepare not to smoke all that much, if at all. It’s really uncomfortable to get outside just to smoke, especially during wintertime.
While vaping is not exactly healthy, there is literally no study that would show this as a cancerous activity. And while vaping is also banned in many public places, the approach to vaping pens is way more positive then to smokers. Also, you can save so much money on choosing vaping and can even save your health and live much longer as the ultimate solution.

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